Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wikipedia sources of the Nuclear bombing series

wiki: Operation Dominic I and II 1962, 105 (Christmas Island & Nevada) explosions

wiki: Operation Plowshare 1961-1973, (NM, NV, CO) explosions

wiki: Operation Nougat 1961, 45 (Nevada) explosions

wiki: Operation Argus 1958, 3 (south Atlantic) explosions

wiki: Operation Hardtrack I & II 1958, 72 (35 Marshall Islands, Johnson Island (I) & 37 Nevada (II)) explosions

wiki: Operation Plumbbob 1957, 29 (Nevada) explosions
Shot SMOKY, A Test of the PLUMBBOB Series, 8-31-1957, Fact Sheet pdf version more information about Smoky test

wiki: Operation Redwing 1956, 17 (Marshall Islands) explosions

wiki: Operation Wigwam 5-14-55, 1 under water (Marshall Islands) explosion

wiki: Operation Teapot 1955, 14 (Nevada) explosions

wiki: Operation Castle 1954, 7 (Marshall Islands) explosions

wiki: Operation Upshot-Knothole 1953, 11 (Nevada) explosions,

wiki: Operation Ivy 1952, 8 (Marshall island) explosions (1st hydrogen bomb)

wiki: Operation Tumbler-Snapper 1952, 8 (Nevada) explosions (4 daytime, 4 nighttime drops), video, study Shots Easy, Fox, George, and How

wiki: Operation Buster-Jangle 1951, 7 (Nevada: 6 atm, 1 underground) explosions, more information, Lieutenant General Joseph May Swing, Commanding General, 6th US.Army 1951-54, General Mark Clark, Chief of the Army Field Forces, Major General William "Bill" B. Kean Jr. "More than 1,000 paratroopers and infantrymen - most of them attached to the 11th Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Ky", Film Badge Dosimetry int Atmospheric Nuclear Test, studies, video

wiki: Operation Greenhouse 1951, 5 (Mujinkarikku Island) explosions

wiki: Operation Ranger 1951, 5 (Nevada) explosions

wiki: Operation Sandstone 1948, 3 (Marshall Islands) explosions

wiki: Operation Crossroads 1946, 2 (Marshall Islands) explosions

wiki: 2 (Japan) explosions: Little Boy 8-6-45, Fat Man 8-9-45, photos

wiki: Trinity test July 16, 1945 (New Mexico) Pu nuclear bomb

wiki: Atomic Energy Act of 1946 (McMahon Act), amended 1954, text, html

wiki: Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) 10-15-90

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